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“You can’t have any more fun than being in a chocolate shop!”

Barbara Crowley

When I visited the The Chocolate Shell, I always knew I would find a wonderful treat. Little did I know that I would find a new chapter in my life among the truffles and bon-bons! As I exited the shop with a bag full of treats, I noticed a small sign in the window that simply read, “Shop for sale, Inquire within.” In that moment it hit me. I thought to myself, “Barbara - you couldn’t have any more fun than running a chocolate shop!” and fun was exactly what I needed. I was missing my mother whom I had lost about a year ago and my career as a book keeper, while fulfilling, had become isolating as I was normally alone in a room accompanied only by numbers and expense reports. My decision was made, “I am going to buy this shop.” I turned and marched right back in and by June of 2011 I was the proud new owner of The Chocolate Shell! I promised myself I would make my new store a TOTAL CHOCOLATE SHOP.


My mission is to make The Chocolate Shell the sweetest destination in Old Lyme, CT. I take great pride in providing our patrons with the friendliest shopping experience possible. Half of the fun is who we meet in the shop!

The Chocolate Shell in Old Lyme, CT has been a destination in business since 1980, in 2011 Barbara became the fourth owner of the store!

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